Updated 4-20-2004: Table Compleated!
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The 2+2 Poker Forum is where I found the first bit of good table building information.

PCPOTATO is probably the best step by step poker table construction site on the Web.

The pictures from Greg Sorensen's Table was exactly what I was thinking of for my table and provided inspiration.

5 Star Deal is where I bought my "clay" poker chips on eBay.

Casino Supply has this Table Construction page and they also sell this "Perfect Padded Rail" that
I may use in the future. They also sell all sorts of cup holders, speed-cloth and other casino table hardware.

And another web page for the type of table I'm building.


Poker Cloth

Well, I've not decided what I'm going to use yet, but here are the links to a few on-line sources for
Poker Cloth, a.ka. Speed Cloth, a.k.a. Casino Cloth, a.k.a. Billiard Cloth.

Kardwell sells 62" Green and Burgundy "Poker Cloth" for $14.95/yard and Mali "Billiard Cloth" for $?.??/yard
Casino Supply sells 60" Green and Burgundy "Casino Cloth" for $8.50/foot and Green "Speed Cloth" for $4.50/foot
ARI sells some very nice 56" Green "Card-Suited" cloth with a printed white pattern for $22.95/yard


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